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RAP Instal – Projects / Clients


RAP Instal offers complete installation solutions: design, consulting and implementation.
The company provides electrical installations (low voltage installations and high voltage installations), mechanical installations (HVAC installations, sanitary installations, fire extinguishing installations, compressed air installations and vacuum installations) and metal structures for technological installations. Rap Instal has carried out projects both in Romania and abroad, in countries such as: Belgium, France, Belarus, Hungary, Germany and Luxembourg.


Power supply 9.5 MW
• Installation of four 20/6 / 0.4 kV substations
• Installation of a distribution station
• Execution of 20 kV LES connections
• Execution of 0.4 kV LES connections
Customer: Ceetrus Romania (Immochan Romania)
Location: Brasov

ERTEX International

Brasov: Workshop and storage capacity increasing, 20 kV power increase
• Outdoor sewer and hydrant installations, pumping station
• Thermal installations
• Sanitary installations
• Compressed air installations
• Indoor hydrants installations
• Electrical installations with high currents, lightning rods
• Fire detection systems
Surface: 4000 sqm
Location: Brasov

Codlea: Build of a manufacturing workshop, storage hall and technical and social annexes
• Low voltage electrical installations
• Weak currents installations
• Outdoor cold water supply, domestic sewage and storm sewerage installations
• Indoor installations for cold water supply, hot water, domestic sewerage
• Thermal installations
• Ventilation and sewerage installations
Surface: 8000 sqm
Location: Codlea (Brasov)


Expansion of the production hall and the offices, with inside and outside modifications
• Ventilation systems
• Air conditioning systems
• Heating systems
• Cooling systems
• Electrical installations, high voltage, lightning rod
Surface: 7000 sqm
Location: Timisoara


Hall extention construction for production-storage, office space
• Outdoor sewer and storm sewerage installations, hydrant installations
• HVAC installations
• Sanitary installations
• Indoor and storm sewerage installations
• Humidification system
• Electrical installations with strong currents, lightning rods
• kV detection system
• 20kV connection
Area: 5,600 sqm
Location: Blejoi (Prahova)