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RAP Instal provides a wide range of installations for industrial halls, from electrical installations – low voltage installations and high voltage installations, to mechanical installations – HVAC installations, sanitary installations, fire extinguishing installations, compressed air installations or vacuum installations.


High voltage installations:

    • aerial and underground power lines
    • transforming stations
    • 20 kV and 110 kV substations
    • aerial and underground connections at a nominal voltage of 0.4 kV
    • electrical automation and air conditioning installations
    • lighting and power electrical installations
    • lightning and earthing installations
    • execution of electrical panels
    • reactive energy compensation installations

Low voltage installations:

    • fire detection and alarm installations
    • voice data installations
    • CCTV installations
    • access control installations
    • burglary alarm installations


HVAC installations: heating and cooling installations, ventilation and air conditioning installations:

    • air treatment power station and ventilation and air distribution installations
    • exhaust, filtration and air purification installations
    • heating station and air conditioning installations
    • refrigeration units and chillers with freon or ammonia
    • refrigerant distribution installations
    • thermal boilers and heating installations
    • steam boilers and steam installations
    • underfloor heating systems

Sanitary installations, vacuum installations, compressed air installations, fire extinguishing installations:

    • fire extinguishing installations, water households, pumping stations
    • sprinkler systems
    • compressed air installations
    • vacuum installations
    • outdoor sanitary installations for water supply and domestic and rain sewerage
    • indoor hydrant installations and underground and above-ground outdoor hydrants
    • water-canal connections